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Los Angeles-based DJ/producer best known for various mashups and remixes. Currently dance & electronic music programmer at Amazon Music. Formerly Pandora, Slacker Radio, and LIVE 105 / San Francisco.

Party Ben

DECEMBER 27, 2023
Despite all reports to the contrary.
Even though an appendectomy is pretty chill these days, once you have one, you can't help but ruminate on the fact that 100-ish years ago, a doctor would have given you a radium laxative and a sack of leeches and sent you home to die. Science, it's good, and makes things better! Now, have I taken this lesson and turned over a new leaf, abandoning the corporate rat race to dedicate myself to creative pursuits and betterment of the world? Well, duh, obviously not--as Jack said on his apparent deathbed in "30 Rock": "I should have worked more."

Despite all that I still manage to try and take some pleasure in music, and even though the sheer volume of what I have to listen to tends to turn my brain into a slush of vaguely remembered bloops, I still make a feeble effort to list a few albums and songs that stood out to me during the year. Additionally, my job as Guy Who Makes Electronic Playlists means I have kind of lost touch with all those other genres--what was the one called that had guitars?--and so there ever was a time youthful hubris compelled me to make at least an effort at creating anything close to a definitive critical appraisal of the year, that time has long since passed. Anyway, the point is, these lists are the best I can do, but I guess my best wasn't good enough. Honestly, at this point I feel like it'll be bad luck if I don't put a list on my website every December 27th or so. Charts page, ahoy, and top 10s below.

Best Albums of 2023

1. Kelela - Raven (Warp)
2. Yaeji - With a Hammer (XL)
3. James Holden - Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities (Border Community)
4. Mandy, Indiana - i've seen a way (Fire Talk)
5. Fever Ray - Radical Romantics (Mute)
6. L'Rain - I Killed Your Dog (Mexican Summer)
7. Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World (Matador)
8. Overmono - Good Lies (XL)
9. Clark - Sus Dog (Throttle)
10. Sofia Kourtesis - Madres (Ninja Tune)

Best Songs of 2022

1. Yaeji - "For Granted" (XL)
2. Skrillex, Fred again.., - "Flowdan Rumble" (OWSLA)
3. Overmono - "Good Lies" (XL)
4. Jungle - "Dominoes" (Caiola)
5. Hudson Mohawke, Nikki Nair - "Set the Roof" (Warp)
6. LP Giobbi - "Can't Let You Go" (Ninja Tune)
7. Peggy Gou - "(It Goes Like) Nanana" (XL)
8. Thundercat, Tame Impala - "No More Lies" (Ninja Tune)
9. Kelela - "Contact" (Warp)
10. Chan, Kevin McKay - "Emotion" (Glasgow Underground)

Of course, my job requires me to also sum up the year in music in my chosen genre lanes, which I did in cooperation with my fellow dance & electronic musical experts and afficianados. As usual we came up with two song-based lists, which you can check out below:

- Best of 2023: Dance
- Best of 2023: Electronic