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"Single Ladies (In Mayberry)" (2008)
Beyonce vs. Andy Griffith Show Theme
Download: 6MB 256kbps mp3

"Every Car You Chase" (2007)
The Police vs. Snow Patrol
Download: 6MB 192kbps mp3

"Galvanize the Empire" (2006)
The Chemical Brothers
vs. John Williams
Download: 5MB 256kbps mp3

"Boulevard of Broken Songs" (2004)
Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Aerosmith
Download: 5MB 256kbps mp3

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Sorry. When I started (back in 2003!!) there wasn't really any easy blogging software or stuff, or at least I didn't know about it, so I taught myself how to make a web site and just did it. So now we're stuck with an extremely primitive and unwieldy site but switching to a new system would require moving 7 years of posts by hand so I'm sort of stuck. If you're looking for something specific, feel free to e-mail me at, or have a go through the archives which I've sorted by year.





DECEMBER 21, 2009
Party Ben Information SystemsThe food bank is that way.
As we always say around the Party Ben Information Systems headquarters, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, as many of you know, a lot of companies were forced to respond to the worldwide recession in 2009, and PBIS was no exception. We took the opportunity of a previously-scheduled Party Ben Information Systems company-wide mandatory holiday lunch break to gather our workers together and deliver the bad news: the United States mash-up bailout was rejected at the last minute by Senator Joe Lieberman, and so, unfortunately, all employees were being laid off, effective immediately. Sadly, our highest-paid employee, mash-up superstar and spokesmodel Party Ben, was not excluded from these layoffs. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors, especially since we still own the rights to his name. We are pleased to announce that Party Ben Information Systems is now being run by a team of IT specialists in Mumbai, as well as an auto-response piece of software code running on a server in Bangladesh. We anticipate significant cost savings as a result of this restructuring, and encourage creditors to refer all correspondence to the Bangladeshi embassy.

PureFMWaffleBefore Party Ben left the building, he did, however, produce some work that we will do our best to monetize. First, attention Belgians: please tune in to Pure FM on Friday, January 1, 2010 at 8pm local time for a very special Party Ben guest mix on Vincent Cayeux' "Pure Trax" program. If you're in Belgium and near a radio, you can go here to find your local frequency--jeez, they cover the whole country, look at that. For non-Belgians, you can listen online by going to the Pure FM home page and clicking the orange "EN DIRECT" button at the top of the page. 8:00pm in Belgium = 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 7pm London, 10pm Moscow. Perhaps more simply, the entire mix will be posted on the Long Mixes page after its airing.

The hour set consists almost entirely of new tracks as well as just some good old electro for the kids, plus a few Francophile tracks produced for this summer's European Stimulus tour (which, by the way, turned out to be a major factor behind PBIS cash-flow issues--Party Ben was expensing all his Caipirinhas, and while they were only 3 euros each, he sure can drink a lot of them). Here, for those interested, is a sample track from the Pure FM mix, a delightful little combination of Simian Mobile Disco's Beth Ditto-featuring "Cruel Intentions" and the classic disco jam from Rufus & Chaka Khan, "Ain't Nobody."

Party Ben - Nobody's Intentions (SMD feat. Beth Ditto vs. Rufus & Chaka Khan)
320kbps mp3

Best of 2009 KittenAlso, as always, a list of the undisputed best albums and singles of 2009 has been posted over in the Top 10s section of this web site. Things have been so chaotic around the new headquarters here in Mumbai that we're not exactly sure if it was Party Ben or the software in Bangladesh that produced this list, but we don't really care. Why does everybody like that Animal Collective album so much anyway? The cover hurts our eyes.

Sea of DreamsAnd finally, Party Ben will be appearing at a New Year's Eve event in the Bay Area that might be of interest to some of you, spinning in the "silent disco" room at Sea of Dreams NYE 2010, an event that features Ozomatli, Bassnectar, Ghostland Observatory and tons more. The silent disco, as you might have gathered, is one of those deals where everybody gets headphones and the set is broadcast through the air and straight to your brains. Weird! Tickets are a bit pricey as far as regular club nights go, but not so bad as far as concerts go, and pretty cheap as far as New Year's Eve goes.

We would like to reiterate that Party Ben continues to update his Facebook and Twitter pages, often posting half-finished, sloppy attempts at new mash-ups and remixes over there, as well as announcing his various DJ appearances and responding to your many questions like "whatever happened to you" and "are you still alive." Why not join the fun.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season, and here's to a profitable 2010!


SEPTEMBER 28, 2009
DJ HeroFunny, I always imagined I'd end up in "DJ Villain."
Yes, thank you multiple e-mailers for notifying me of this interesting bit of news: the highly-anticipated DJ Hero video game appears to include a sort-of variant of an early mashup made by me. That would be Daft Punk vs. Queen "Another One Bites Da Funk." There were some amusingly-headlined stories that hit the press about this, including this one, "Daft Punk Assembling 11 Unique Mixes for DJ Hero," which is funny because of the "unique" part, see. The only actual evidence of it I've seen is this video of the game's internal tutorials:

That does look kind of cool, although I'm generally not really into video games, and at this point it seems a little weird to buy a video game about DJing when you could basically spend the same amount of money and get an actual DJ setup. But whatever, I'm old, I don't understand you kids and your Sega Xboxes and your Apple Zunes and your TwitterSpaces and your Jonas Sisters. And get off my lawn!

E-mails to the Party Ben headquarters about this have taken one of two extreme sides, saying either "Dude your track's in DJ Hero congrats you must be rich," or "Dude Daft Punk stole your mashup you should sue!!1!1!"... In truth, I'm not affiliated or connected with the game in any way so I have no idea how it happened; as far as I know, Monsieurs de Homem Christo et Bangaltier came up with the idea independently, although that would be, like, "quelle coincidence." But even if they were "inspired" by my track, well, that's basically awesome, I mean, how much do I love Daft Punk? And how often have I been, er, "inspired" by them? At least once. Anyway, in all seriousness, if my 6-year-old mashup with the chipmunky Queen vocals had anything to do with this, I'm honored, and Daft Punk, I salute you.

Anyhoo, in celebration of its (possibly maybe) inspiring something that's included in DJ Hero, let's remaster the thing and re-release it in sparkly 320 with a brand new cover, why not?

Daft Queen

Daft Punk vs. Queen - Another One Bites Da Funk (2009 Redo)

Right-click to download:
10MB 320kbps mp3

Click to play:

Seriously, I was but a baby when I made this. Actually, it was probably 2003, since a quick intertubes search finds it starting to show up in the Sixx Mixx in early 2004. Who knows. I mean, I wasn't paying much attention, and I'm paying even less now.

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Nirvana vs. Daft Punk - "Smells Stronger" (2007)

Party Ben MailbagFun times. Speaking of e-mails, you know what we haven't done in a while? The Party Ben Mailbag! Hooray! Let's open up the internet box and see what fascinating real, actual e-mails have arrived in the basement of Party Ben Headquarters, been sorted into categories by a team of scientists, and forwarded via a complicated series of tubes to Party Ben Information Systems department heads for immediate* replies.

I am a young French man of Polish origin and I am trying to make personalized stamps. The French post me requesting permission to use the logo POLSKA BOYZ that I have a little change in color. if you want I will send you mail a photo of POLSKA BOYZ logo that I retouched and I therefore request formal permission to use the logo POLSKA BOYZ for my personal stamp.
thank you for quick answer
-Best regards, Davyd

Wait, "Davyd"? Do you mean "Daffyd"? Are you the only gay in the village? Well, either way, if I had any idea what "personalized stamps" were I might try to stop you, but I don't, so I can't. Are they something to do with a video game?

Point of Viewlooking for song "pont of View"..can't remember who it is by but chorus is "another point of view"..can't get it on Itunes? how do i download on to an ipod?

Here at Party Ben Information Systems, we understand you have many questions which do not involve Party Ben in any way, such as "How do I use the internet," "What is that one song that goes like this," "How do I do stuff with my personal electronic devices," and "Are we alone in the universe." Of course, as a part of the internet, we are happy to provide answers. You're thinking of DB Boulevard's "Point of View," which, oddly enough, is not available on iTunes. And yes, we are totally alone in the universe.

Love MuffinPlease for the love of God STOP RUINING GOOD MUSIC! thanks!
-Kelly (lover.muffin@****.com)

Sweet lover muffin! Why did things have to go so wrong between us? Here we are, alone in the universe, and yet all we can do is fight. I tried to be as good a lover muffin to you as I knew how, but maybe two muffins is one too many muffins. Were you looking for a scone? A Danish? A (shudder) bear claw? Whatever it is, I hope you found it, and I hope you're happy.

You SuckParty Ben Sucks! (NOT!) Actually, I think many of your mixes and mash-ups are brilliant. Sorry I just wanted to get your attention. I just think your obvious self-depreciation is funny. Such as stating that your name is "terrible" and "there's nothing he can do about it."  But I was thinking you can change it but still keep it kind of, while still incorporating your trade-mark self-deprecating style.  Party Ben Sucks or Party Ben Sux.  Whichever; then PBS for short. 

That's not a bad idea, I'm all about artist names that actually seem to describe what's happening, like "Simian Mobile Disco" or, um, "Tila Tequila." While I'm at it I should probably try to add the word "Lazer" in there, just to be extra cool, and maybe a reference to a fictional band from an 80s TV show. How does "Party Lazer Ben Sucks Silver Platters" sound?

...intrigued to hear your version of 'Satisfaction Skank' - Jody, UK
Is it possible to get a re-post of 'Satisfaction Skank'? - King Al
is there anyway i could download the satisfaction skank - Darren

Okay, okay, stop bothering me! If I update my download page with the link and give you a direct link right below this sentence, will you leave me in peace to work on my new DJ name?

  • Fatboy Slim vs. Rolling Stones & Other Stuff - Satisfaction Skank (Party Ben's version, 1998)
    5MB 192kbps mp3

Okay, Thanks for writing! Do you have a question that needs answering, an issue that must be respolved, a problem with no solution, or a general feeling of emptiness? Go ahead and write an e-mail to Party Ben Information Systems, where Caring is Just the Way We Like to Think About Stuff (TM).

*Please allow 6-12 weeks for reply.


Party BenEmployment figures and housing prices already rising across the area.
Holy crap, where am I? Oh yeah, Frankfurt, that most appropriate of cities to begin and end European tours which have jokey pseudo-financial names. Plus I guess there's a big airport. In any event, time contraints, slow internet connections and sheer laziness have prevented me from making major updates to the home base, but hopefully the few remaining interested parties out there in internet land have been keeping up with developments on my Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr pages and even a regular old blog. Suffice it to say that there were some great gigs (pic at left from Munich's gay pride day July 11), awesome radio shows, and some enjoyable travel, with no major disasters, although there were some close calls (FYI: you can't pick up SNCF-booked train tickets in Barcelona). Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible and everybody who came out to the gigs!

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I produced quite a few special tracks for the different events on the tour (most of which I actually made on this here laptop while on the road). Most of them are, of course, kind of throwaways, but I figure that's basically all I do anyway, so when I get back to SF this week I'll be remastering and compiling them into a happy little downloadable album to keep for yourselves. That is of course assuming I make all four (!!!) connecting flights I have between Frankfurt and San Francisco. Somebody fire my tour manager!!!


UPDATE: LINK FIXED! (Sorry, Party Ben on the road makes even more html errors than usual)
Amidst all the excitement of, you know, seaching Budapest megamalls in vain for a replacement laptop battery (all the guide books say it's a great way to spend a free afternoon!) I plum forgot to do this thing I'd promised to do, which was upload the guest mix I did for Jules' Dance Show back in June. The mix is basically all new stuff, some just thrown together for the megamix and other things I'd been working on for a while; in fact, it's where that Yppah thing first took shape, and it also has a "Beat It" mix that I promise was done before that dude died. It's all very techno-riffic but I'm quite pleased with it. So, if you want a 20 minute dose of fast-paced mixxy mayhem, click on over to the Long Mixes page (which, for some reason, you usually have to access by clicking "music" and then clicking "Long Mixes." What sort of moron designed this web site?!) and download the thing. It's 320 kbps!

Anyhoo, thanks again, Jules, for letting me take over your air- and web-waves for a few minutes.

Also: to those of you who have received "suspicious site" or malware warnings when visiting or attempting to visit, yes I am aware of the situation, and my @#%!!$% hostting company is also aware but apparently unable to get off their $#%&!*& asses to do anything about it. Of course, I'm also touring %#@%*!* Europe at the moment so I don't exactly have a ton of time to spend troubleshooting this issue. Rest assured the fine employees of Party Ben Information Systems would never knowingly attempt to cause any trouble, virus-y, malware-y or otherwise, for our few remaining fans, and hopefully this will be resolved shortly.


VOLTEverything about it is appealing!
Read all about my various exploits over on the Party Blog where I get into greater detail about the minutia of travel and the quirks of being in a foreign country (they speak a whole different language!) but the typical high-powered user will just want to know the basics, so here you go. My appearances at the VOLT Festival in Sopron, Hungary, while starting off a little rocky, ended up being tons of (very late night) fun. Sound problems sullied our terrace Wednesday night, which made me sad, but Thursday I got moved to a different zone, and then our problems were fixed for Friday and Saturday, giving me some jammed dancefloors, plus I did a guest set at a nearby stage Saturday night (photo from the tail end of that at about 3:00am at left). Those Hungarians know how to party, let me just tell you that right now.Thanks to Imi, Norbert, Zoltan and Barta with VOLT, the sound guys who stuck around to keep an eye on things, Simon and Schmolli for your sets and your help, the dudes over at the Bootleg Bar for my guest set (and the early-morning shout-out), my new buddies Delinquent Habits and Chase & Status, with whom I got to ride in a car, Laurent Garnier for doing a rollicking main-stage set on Friday night that saved me from feeling like VOLT was just a dude-centric rock fest, and most of all to DJ Pozsi, my nightly cohort on the terrace who seems to have exactly the same record collection I do (he has that Tequila drum 'n' bass "I Get Hype" thing on vinyl!) and always brought extra Soproni.

Now, I'm in dumbfoundingly beautiful, sweltering Budapest for some sets at the legendary nightspot Zold Pardon. The place is a little off the beaten path but it's basically an outdoor mini-festival of its own, a huge tree-filled amusement park for hipsters, with a little pool in the middle, and two music stages. I'll be doing a main stage set after the band on Wednesday night, and it turns out my Thursday night set will be in their VIP members-only club, and I'm not sure what that means but hopefully the scene will be something like the sex party in "Eyes Wide Shut." I'll be doing a set on a local radio station as well (more info when I have it) and Simon is planning to interview me for this week. Inbetween all that I plan to visit one of the local baths, since the apartment I'm staying in appears to have no hot water.

One more schedule note: a gig has been confirmed for the Portuguese island of Madeira on Saturday, July 25, at the Art Cafe on Calheta Beach. See you there Funchalites!

And don't worry, Munchen, I haven't forgotten about you... I'll see you on Friday my little Bavarian bunny rabbits...


bootieOkay, sorry, I won't call it that again.
With a significant part of my genetic roots apparently coming from the immediate vicinity of Berlin, it's not surprising I felt right at home here: read all about my blissful food-coma inducing brunch experiences over at the Party Blog if you like. Perhaps more importantly, Bootie Berlin and Mash Up Your Bootz were both a lot of fun; many thanks to organizer DJ Morgoth, whose tireless support of the mashup universe is inspiring. Plus a big "danke" to Alex for letting me crash on his floor as well as Dr. Waumiau for playing my stuff on his webcast, Andre Langenfeld for lettimg me do a guest mix on Fritz 102.6, to Steffy for all the entertainment, plus the rest of the Berlin crew and attendees for everything, and of course the various Berliners who tolerated my fumbling German when I was trying to buy sandwiches and stuff.

Now: on to Hungary for the exciting VOLT festival. I'm being met at the grounds by the MTV Hungary crew who have apparently confused me with someone famous. Either way I'm prepping some Hungarian mashuppery and remixxerry that I hope will not get me expelled from the country.

fbAlso, it appears I have added another gig to the tour: Festibaloche in Olargues, in the south of France, on Friday, August 7. They wanted to bring me over last year but it didn't work out, and this year it turns out they already have my pals DJ Moule and Loo & Placido on the schedule, so they asked me to come and hang around and do a little set as well. Both Moule and L&P are super awesome and creative inspirations so it will be great to support them, so I'm stoked Festibaloche squeezed me in. Also, a gig may be in the works on the actual island of Madeira off the coast of Portugal. Stick around for news!

Okay Party Ben's gotta catch a plane. Auf Wiedersehen Berlin!

Party Ben European TourAnybody know where Europe is? Just kidding, I'm already here! I know it's a little late to be formally announcing a tour when you're already happily ensconced in East Berlin, but the length of the tour meant that some of my later gigs took (er, are still taking) a little while to confirm. Rest assured, though, that residents of Germany, France, Hungary and Portugal will have ample opportunity for Party Ben fun times over the next two months. In choosing a name for the tour, one reminisces about my last jaunt to the Old Country. Was it only 18 months ago that the euro was so dominant over our measley dollar that I named a whole tour after the favorable exchange rate? Well, nowadays, the it's more like I'm doing my part to help kick start the world economy, and thus: the Party Ben European Stimulus Tour 2009. Hey, at least it's better than Frienemy's ideas: "The Mid-Life Try-This Tour" or the "Still Hung Over From the Last Tour Tour."

So, where will I be? Tomorrow (Friday) night, I'll kick off the tour at the debut of Bootie's newest outpost right here in Berlin. The venue, Silver Wings, is in the old Templehof airport, which may be familiar to scholars of World War II, fans of gargantuan architecture, or just old-timers in general, meaning it's a worthwhile outing just for the historical value. Also I may have a guest mix on Berlin radio on Friday night - stay tuned. Saturday night I'll put in a guest set at the long-running Mash Up Your Bootz party at U5 club here in East Berlin. For the rest of the events and most recent updates to my schedule, check the Events page.

If you want to stay on top of my various exploits while I'm here, jump on board with my Facebook or Twitter pages, and maybe I'll even resurrect the old blog over here (although I'm not sure I'll have time). Either way, if you're in the vicinity, I look forward to high-fiving you along the way.


JUNE 19, 2009
JulesOne tries to stay busy. While most of my time over the last few weeks has been spent deciding which of my hipster vintage T-shirts to bring with me to Europe, I have managed to squeeze in some actual musical stuff as well, because I can multitask. First up, I've got a guest mix heading out this weekend on the airwaves as part of the straightforwardly-named Jules' Dance Show. The program is syndicated on a variety of radio and internet stations in Europe and elsewhere, actually come to think of it one may be airing as we speak. Head over to his homepage or his Facebook page for local broadcast schedules, or stick around on this exciting web site as I'll be offering the mix up for download... soonish.

ChashamaAlso, as part of the Party Ben Mashup Stimulus Tour, technically kicking off next weekend in Europe, I'm doing a benefit gig in New York on Monday evening that's not only for a good cause but also tons of fun. It's the Chashama Pirate Party Pig Roast, which combines many good ideas: supporting the arts, listening to mashup tunez, enjoying a lovely view of Manhattan, snacking on barbecued meats, and dressing up like a pirate. Plus you can take a special Water Taxi over there, since it's at the appropriately named Water Taxi Beach. More details at their web site.

On the actual mashup front, I realized before the recent Academy of Sciences gig that I haven't made any mixes or whatever using older vocals in a while, and I was kind of jonesing for some new versions of classics to pop into my set. So I made some, and now you can download them and judge them for yourself.

Machine Gun Shelter

Commodores vs. Rolling Stones - "Machine Gun Shelter"

Right-click to download:
9MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

Is this, like, something everybody knows, that the funky instrumental track "Machine Gun" is totally copied directly from "Gimme Shelter"? Because I just figured it out, and illustrated it with the magic of mashups.

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Fatboy Slim vs. Rolling Stones - Satisfaction Skank (Party Ben's version) (1998)

Uptight Gumball

Yppah vs. Stevie Wonder -
"Uptight Gumball"

Right-click to download:
8MB 320kbps mp3

Click to play:

Yppah has made one of my favorite samply/psychedelic albums of the year, and while the "Uptight" vocal is way overused in the mashup universe, I couldn't get it out of my head.

Anyway, I have to go back to putting socks in a bag, but everybody in the vicinity of Berlin, Munich, and Cologne, Germany; Sopron and Budapest, Hungary; Paris and La Rochelle, France; and Lisbon and Costa de Caparica, Portugal: get ready for Party Ben fun times.


JUNE 1, 2009
Now what will I call the darn thing?! Hey, first of all, let's thank everybody in Boston who came out for the gigs at Bootie Boston and Machine, plus thanks to the kids at CBS for having me out again for their upfronts, although I still haven't gotten to meet Neil Patrick.
This Way to Party
Anyhoo, to those of you who haven't been following my exploits over on Twitter or Facebook (and if not, what have you been doing with yourself!?) then you might not have heard about my latest longish mix, a bit of an electro-beats-and-pop-vocals thing I put together to celebrate... I dunno... life? Grab that over at the long-neglected Long Mixes page!! And if you want to have stuff sooner, sometimes I put up exclusive links on those twit-face thingies so go add/follow/friend/whatever me.

Plus there's another kind of trancey mix I just made and what the hell, I might as well give it to you:

Laktos Scientist

Coldplay vs. Sebastian Ingrosso - "Laktos Scientist"

Right-click to download:
13MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

I've been hearing "Laktos" around and I was like, "huh, those happy little chords sound familiar." So, slap a vocal and some echo over the top and you got yourself a jam.

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Coldplay vs. Punx - Ben X Parties On Your Face (2003)

Coldplay vs. Kraftwerk - Computer Talk

EuropeAnd finally, if you go over to the Events page, you'll see that my Summer 2009 European Tour is almost booked up. I'm still waiting for some dates to confirm -- and holding out hope that somebody in the UK might want me to DJ there someday -- but there are some awesome gigs already lined up, including the debut of Bootie Berlin, four nights at the VOLT festival in Hungary, an appearance at the Francofolies festival on the west coast of France, and a return to Bootie Munich. Stay tuned and hopefully I'll have everything finalized by the end of the week. However, with the general worldwide economic collapse, the euro isn't quite as dominant over the dollar as it was on my last European jaunt in 2007, and there just doesn't seem to be a tour name as obvious as "Gettin' Euros." Plus this time I'm getting forints! If anybody has any ideas ("Party Ben's Desperate Last Attempt at Wringing Some Gigs Out of His Rapidly Dwindling Pseudo-Career"?) drop a line and let me know!


MAY 5, 2009
I get to be the "gonzo"! I keep forgetting to mention a quick jaunt to the east coast coming up later this month. I'll be returning to Boston in two weeks for not one but two, two, two exciting gigs!

Bootie BostonFirst up, I'll be celebrating Bootie Boston's one-year anniversary on Friday 5/22 with local heroes BC, Lenlow, Spencer 4 Hire and the angelic Katie Enlow. Come on out to their relatively new location Good Life right downtown, for mashuppy goodness. Then, don't forget it's Memorial Day Weekend, meaning the party don't stop til Tuesday, and thus allowing you to come on out to Machine on Sunday 5/24! Machine is pretty much Boston's premier gay nightclub and I'm really looking forward to rocking the dancefloor with some more electro-dancey-style tracks.

Hooray, Boston. It'll be either a wicked pissa of a weekend, or not a pissa at all, depending on what exactly "pissa" means. More info about the gigs over on the Events data page as usual.

APRIL 28, 2009
I just can't stop putting things on top of other things. I've been busy lately putting together a promo mix for an upcoming gig at Machine in Boston; you can't have the mix yet because it's an exclusive, at least for now, but I figure I can give you one of the goofy tracks I came up with while I was assembling the thing. It seems like an obvious enough combo that I'm a bit concerned it's already been done, but exhaustive Googling turned up nothing, so I figure get it out there as soon as possible before anybody else comes up with it.

Party Time

MSTRKRFT - "Bounce" (Bloody Beetroots remix) vs. Class Action - "Weekend" =
"(All I Do Is) Party Time"

Right-click to download:
8MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

I mean, seriously. Both these songs are about the party! And that's my name! It's practically made for me! Actually I'm still not entirely sure about the title; "Bounce Weekend" seemed kind of dumb, and just "Party" seemed anticlamictic. If anybody has any better ideas, drop a line. And if it turns out I'm not the first to think of this, my apologies.

Plus, how weird: three classic disco divas in a row. Could I be any gayer?


APRIL 27, 2009
A little something for the hipsters. People ask me (admittedly, with increasing rarity) why I make the mashups I do, and my answer is usually "d) all of the above." Sometimes I'm like, "Man that Lady Gaga song is mega and I need a rework to play out at teh klubz," sometimes a combo comes at me like a, er, bolt of blue (in fact, that old "Bizarre Love Triangle" thing was like that), usually while I'm tootling around on the motorcycle. Other times, perhaps less often, I just really like a song and decide I need to muck around with it, Party Ben style. So, here's one of those.

Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes vs. Shawn Christopher / Egostereo -
"Another Sleepless Night Alone"

Right-click to download:
12MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

How great is Bat for Lashes' new album, Two Suns? Maybe I'm a total girl (maybe!) but I really identified, lyrically, with "What's a Girl to Do," and Natasha's really hit the nail on the head again with "Sleep Alone." Sigh. But more than anything, the song's hypnotic rhythm cries out for a trance-y remix. Of course I'm too lazy to go and make my own beats, so I just go looking for something in the same key, and I remember Egostereo's chilly remix of the Shawn Christopher classic "Another Sleepless Night," which turns out to also have a pretty dumbfounding lyrical similarity as well. Bonus! This may not be for everybody but it actually really pleases me, the way it turned out, which happens like never, so that's something.


APRIL 26, 2009
Or maybe it's too soon, I don't even know. Contrary to popular opinion, I've actually been working on new boots, edits, and remixes, for reals. However, thanks to random factors like Coachella and a whole truckload of freelance work taking precedence, I just haven't had the gumption to get them mastered and make little covers and post them up here for your perusal. But I finally set aside a few hours for Dreamweaver, and here are a couple items to tide you over until I come up with anything better.

Poker Face The Cars vs. Lady Gaga - "Poker Face (Just What I Needed)"

Right-click to download:
6MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

And the award for "laziest mashup title" goes to... Well, damn, you try and think of a better one. "Just What I Poked"? Anyway, I've been wanting to make something out of this classic Cars track for a while, but there's no instrumental, so I kind of had to build one out of sticks and gravel. I don't know if it "adds" any "thing" to the "song" but there it is.
Shame Evelyn "Chapagne" King vs. Kid Cudi - "Shame (At Nite)"

Right-click to download:
8MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

And the award for "laziest mashup" goes to... Okay, not like there's anything wrong with the Crookers mix, but sometimes you don't necessarily have a peak-time dancefloor ready for such a banging megajam, right? This doesn't really go anywhere, but it's, you know, pleasant enough.

Coming soon: info about a couple DJ dates in Boston at the end of May, and hopefully, final word on the June/July European tour.


MARCH 27, 2009
Now if we could just figure out how they make paella so delicious... The internet, as we know, is a powerful series of tubes. And, again, as we all know, the information trucks that drive in the tubes are most powerful when they carry that most in-demand of digital product: porn. So, say a Spanish site that traffics in what appears to be a mix of erotica and Wacky Internet Stuff decides to link to your rickety little web site where you keep your mashups and DJ dates and stuff. What do you think might happen? Well, you might start suddenly sucking up more internet bandwidth trucks than every other site your hosting company runs, combined. Whoops! Thanks to a bunch of real live Spaniards who dropped me a line after my last post, now we know that's basically what happened. I hesitate to link to the Spanish site in question, since it is so very, very Not Safe For Work, Or Kids, Or Those Of Delicate Sensibilities, but I guess you can look at it if you really want. Sigh. Here you go:

Spanish Web Site NSFW! NSFW!

If you don't feel like going there, the site basically just posted a little blurb that said I make a lot of good mixes, so go listen to them. The site is apparently very popular--as e-mailer Ignacio put it, "half of Spain checks it out." I think we know which half. In any event, I'm just glad this wasn't a denial-of-service attack--I was racking my brain to think of who in Spain I might have offended, since Snow Patrol clearly aren't Spanish. The real lesson here is how many orders of magnitude greater the traffic for naughty web sites is than the traffic for dopey mashup web sites, since even a tiny sliver of the former's clicks can cripple the latter. But as we all know, the internet is for porn.

Anyway, hooray Spain! Te amo! Una caña por favor!

MARCH 27, 2009
Why don't you like me?/¿Porque no me aman? Okay, I got a more comprehensible customer service guy on the phone, and it turns out that is currently experiencing an overwhelming surge of traffic from... Spain. Yes, Spain. My hosting company can't tell if it's a "denial of service" attack or if it's legitimate people just trying to grab the latest hot mashups. If it's the latter, everybody please tranqui, and if it's the former, porque?! What mortal enemies have I made in Spain?! I've never had anything but good things to say about Spain. Siestas! Delicious tapas! Almodovar! What's not to like? So, Spain, if I have offended you in some way, I swear it was unintentional. iLo siento!

MARCH 27, 2009
TechnicalRed alert! Party Ben Information Systems appears to be experiencing intermittent outages, supposedly due to bandwidth overload, although the help desk assistant at my web hosting company speaks such terrible English, who knows what he was saying, a magic squirrel attack maybe. In an attempt to calm down these bandwidth-sucking rodents, some mp3s have been moved to external file-sharing sites temporarily, and in the meantime, the site may not function correctly. Our apologies, and thanks for your understanding.

MARCH 18, 2009
Snow PatrolDidn't they get the box of chocolates? I actually feel bad for the boys of Snow Patrol; whether or not my little mashup, "Every Car You Chase," is any good, I'm sure they're sick of hearing about it, and on their national holiday even! Yesterday morning on the Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1, host Mr. Moyles took the opportunity of the band's appearance on his show to ask them about the mashup, and they were, uh, ambivalent at best. I'm not sure which of the two band members present were speaking at each moment, but the conversation went something like this:

MOYLES: You've heard the "Every Car You Chase" mashup of your track and The Police...?
MOYLES: Do you like that?
MOYLES: ...Or is it weird for you?
MOYLES: It's great.
GARY AND/OR NATHAN SNOW PATROL: (silence) (forced laughter)
MOYLES: (Worried, backpedaling) It is good!

MoylesAwwwk-ward. Moyles, who has always been a big supporter of mine, went on to tell them a little about me, and then the band mocked my name, which I suppose is fair game when one has (say it with me now) The Dumbest Name In Showbiz (TM), but honestly, guys, really? Is that all you got? Poor Moylesy was reduced to pleading my case, and invited the band round to his house to listsen to it one more time, which is I'm sure the last thing Snow Patrol wants to do in the entire world, but god bless him.

Listen to the whole bit here:

Chris Moyles asks Snow Patrol about "Every Car You Chase," 3/17/09

Of course, as regular readers of this web site will know, this isn't the first time a morning radio host grilled Snow Patrol about a mashup. Back in 2007, Nathan was asked about it by Rick O'Shea on Ireland's 2fm (read all about that here) and Mr. Patrol seemed somewhat bemused, at least, but that was before he'd had to endure 18 months of bombardment of the thing. Compare and contrast:

Special CommentSo, Snow Patrol, I know it's weird, and you're of course free to have whatever opinions you have about the little bootleg. but I'd just like to say two things. A) This is basically at the level of someone making their own little YouTube video with your song in it, one that eventually gets a lot of hits for some random reason. Sure you may find it pedestrian or silly, but I fail to see how it's a threat. And B) especially in comparison to my silly mashups like "Single Ladies (In Mayberry)" and my obviously-mocking mashups like "Boulevard of Broken Songs," "Every Car You Chase," to my mind, is rather respectful, neither bashing the song with a crazy genre-clash nor implying any musical theft--"Chasing Cars" doesn't really sound at all like "Every Breath You Take." I suppose you might read it as some sort of statement of equivalency--Snow Patrol=Sting?--and perhaps you feel insulted by that, but that's not at all how I see it. I just think it sounds pretty. So I guess what I'm saying is, if Dave Wakeling can handle it (love ya Dave!), then why can't you?

LIVE 105Okay, enough of that Party Ben Special Comment. Interestingly enough, the day before, another morning show gave a track of mine a spin: Woody, morning zoo host on my old alma mater LIVE 105, gave in to Menace's demands I guess and played "Live Your Life, Punk." There was a whiff of "whatever happened to..." in their discussion of me but I suppose that's only natural. Whatever did happen to me? I probably succumbed to the temptations of drugs and fame only to find salvation in helping others. Anyway, thanks for that guys, and Menace your check's in the mail.

Party BenI've been taking a few weeks off (thanks, bronchitis!) from the DJing, but now there are some fun events coming up around San Francisco where you can see me play tunes. First up, if you like free drinks, you might like this fun event hosted by the fine folks at MetroWize, happening on Tuesday, March 24 at Slide. Me and Miles will be playing tunes and the "hosted bar" (hint, hint) is from 7-10pm, plus it's free to get in if you RSVP over here. So go do that.

Other upcoming fun time shindigs where I'll be putting in an appearance include good old Bootie, Trash Disko, Eye Candy and Strangelove. See more details at right or on the Events page.

And finally, I know you European-type people are getting antsy about the Europe tour (now looking like it'll be late June through most of July) but I haven't gotten final confirmation on a couple of the gigs and I'm still looking to fill in a few dates. Does it look desperate and pathetic to ask anybody who has a club night in the vicinity of Europe that they might want a guest DJ at around that time to get in touch? I hope so.


FEBRUARY 23, 2009
Everybody's favorite segment of the late night talk show in my mind. I used to get e-mails all the time asking for new mashups people heard on the radio and stuff, but that's become more and more rare as I ride down the last little hill on this mini-roller coaster of pseudo-fame. However, after I posted one of the videos from my all-visual-entertainment set at Bootie in January, there was a slew of requests for this mp3, which surprised me, since it was kind of a joke: a riff on A+D's famous "Beethoven's 5th Gold Digger" combined with my earlier Kanye mashup. Plus, I really made it with a video in mind, so I'm not sure it works as audio alone, but hey, who am I to argue with like 7 e-mails!

Let There Be Love Justice vs. Kanye West vs. Soulwax vs. Walter Murphy
"Let There Be Love / Beethoven Lockdown"

Right-click to download:
10MB 256kbps mp3

Sorry, system overload! Please follow this link to download this track.

Now, here's the question: is this the actual Soulwax mix of Walter Murphy's disco classic "A Fifth of Beethoven," or is this the Hidden Cat version, which sounds almost exactly the same? And could Hidden Cat be a worse DJ name than Party Ben, finally? Hmm, so many mysteries on the internet!

MailbagSpeaking of e-mails, now it's time for everybody's favorite new feature here on Party Ben Information Systems: The Party Ben Mailbag!! These are actual e-mails sent in by actual humans and selected by my team of web programmers for their potential appeal to the widest array of internet users. Open up the first one Jim!

moyles want you to come to the radio 1 big weekend ,it would be freeking awesome man! (radio 1 joke),about 3 million people listen to moyles and everyone loves party ben,get your ass over here you will rock.

- Paul, UK

UKBoy, you Brits sure do spell stuff weird. Anyway, yes, as I've mentioned before, BBC Radio 1's venerable morning man Chris Moyles and his merry crew have been playing the heck out of my mashups for a while, most recently taking a liking to the little Beyonce/Andy Griffith combo. I really appreciate their support, and while I'm fully aware that it's all just a bit of radio comedy, it's been amusing watching Brit fans take over my Facebook page. Now, Mr. Moyles has started talking about using his morning show powers to force the BBC gods to bring me over to do a DJ set at the Radio 1 Big Weekend, a huge concert the station puts on every year. Well, first of all I'd like to point out that generally they book, you know, bands and DJs who are, like, famous and stuff. Of course, it would be cool (and thanks for the messages of support), but no actual invite has been tendered, and honestly, don't you think a crowd of 100,000 hip British kids would just throw vegetables and stuff at me? Or whatever they eat in place of vegetables over there? Well, if the Beeb (the Beeb!) comes to me with an offer, I'll be sure to announce it here. £1 is like $47, right?

PortugalHi there! First of all, I would like to say that I'm a huge fan of your work. You probably get thousands of these, but you also probably enjoy some compliment, so no harm done. . . Secondly, please take 1 minute of your time to watch this ...

- Zé Tiago, Portugal

Thousands? More like, um, thousandths. Anyway, yes, that is really awesome. I've added it as a "Favorite" on my YouTube page, which now features not only videos I myself have produced to accompany my audio novelties, but also the work of other video editors from around the world. If you see a great video to a Party Ben jam, send it over.

NZHey there, I don't know if you have had it explained why so many Kiwi's are checking your website out or not. But if you haven't its because Russell Brown mentioned you on his blog, which is one of the most popular blogs in the country. The exact post is here - Alright, well I hope that helps.

- Ben, New Zealander living in the Netherlands

Yes, I had asked about an unexplained uptick in my New Zealand web hits, but I've totally forgotten about that now. But, awesome name!

Hi just interested to know how much you charge for an evenings work.

- Annette, UK

Private dance: $1.50. Private breakdance: $2.50. Clean your kitchen dressed up like Wolverine: $3.75. Clean your kitchen dressed up like Chris Moyles: $4.75. Act as escort to VIP event, provide witty conversation, enjoy fancy cocktails and snacks, return to your home and provide hours of sexual pleasure, sleep soundly while holding you tightly in my arms, awaken to coffee, muesli and the newspaper: I'll pay you whatever you want.

Thanks for reading the Party Ben Mailbag! To have your own personal conversation with Party Ben or an authorized Party Ben Information Systems representative, direct your computer to send a message to or enjoy the comforting anonymity of the contact page. It's real!

Coming soon, hopefully: European tour info...


FEBRUARY 12, 2009
Finally, critics who really understand me! When I first posted my Andy Griffith/Beyonce combo back in November of '08, I admitted to some embarrassment about its chuckle-worthy novelty, since, as I put it, the mashup "appeals to the fart joke center of the brain." Well, apparently PopTub took that seriously, which I guess I deserve. PopTub is a weird thing I don't entirely understand: it seems to be a YouTube channel that posts videos talking about other YouTube videos, and it's sponsored by Pepsi. Well, whatever it is, they featured "Single Ladies (In Mayberry)" today, and sandwiched the clip between--you guessed it!--a feature on fart noises. So we got, like, "fart fart fart," then "all the single ladies (whistle whistle)," then "fart fart fart." And yes, it feels right at home! Watch and enjoy below.

FEBRUARY 4, 2009
I admit it's not the mighty stream it was when I was younger. Here's the second mp3 of a track from my all-video set at Bootie back on 1/24. You've already seen the video, now enjoy the audio without the video.

Live Your Life Punk Vampire Weekend vs. T.I. & Rihanna - "Live Your Life Punk"

Right-click to download:
5.5MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

Mostly this little number is thanks to Kristi, who wasn't that into Vampire Weekend until I told her to get the album, in my defense, but then when I was planning the set and fretting about not having any hipster tunes she said hey, what about that Vampire Weekend band, and I was like, ah, yes, okay. I keep thinking I should do like a 7-minute jump-up jungle version of this, but I guess I'll add that to the to-do list.

Okay, so enjoy that. Mailbag excitement coming this week as well, plus, it looks like June-July European Tour is on. Have an awesome club night that could benefit from Party Ben's ridonkulous DJ antics? Get in touch with my agent.


JANUARY 29, 2009
It's mashup Reaganomics! You'd think that posting mp3s of some of the new tracks I debuted on Saturday at my all-video set at Bootie would be easy, since I, like, already made them, and stuff. But that just shows how little you know! Or, um, how normal your brains are, since my brain won't leave well enough alone. I've been tweaking and remastering these little items all week, and so, to maximize their impact (ha!) I figured I'd dole them out one by one. First up, it's the latest "remix" of "Boulevard of Broken Songs" (the original of which you can find over on the Music page). Tell us more about it Jim.

Boulevard of Flashing Lights Kanye West vs. Green Day vs. Oasis - "Boulevard of Flashing Lights"

Right-click to download:
8MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

I hope people understand that there's a bit of self-mockery going on here, in the sense that it's amusing to me that one would take one's "hit" and then beat it to death with cheesy remixes, in, as I've said before, as good a sign as any of being on the back side of one's career arc. Did I just take away the funny by over-explaining it? Damn, that happens to me a lot. Anyhoo, isn't that Kanye song awesome? Isn't Kanye awesome? I seem to be mucking about with that guy's stuff a lot lately, but I promise I've totally liked him since a way long time ago.

More coming next week, along with another exciting edition of the Party Ben Mailbag. Oh, and PS, anybody around the vicinity of Europe interested in seeing Party Ben play tunes and/or videos this summer?


JANUARY 26, 2009

Party BenYour tax dollars at work. Okay, to be honest, I have no actual evidence that the overwhelming attendance (final numbers still being worked out) at Saturday night's Bootie shindig had anything to do with me or my video show; in fact, for all I know, they were there to see Adrian's butt crack. But for whatever reason, oodles of people showed up (pictures here and here) and I did my best to entertain them with my goofy videos and stuff. I'd posted a teaser for the show over on my Facebook page but mostly I kept the show a well-guarded secret. But now all (or at least some) can be revealed! Below, a selection of some of the new items the crowd witnessed on Saturday night.

Vampire Weekend vs. T.I. & Rihanna - "Live Your Life, Punk"

This is what happens when you put together a set that features an excess of cheesy goodness like "Punk Up the Jam" and "Jump Around": you feel like you have to cleanse yourself with something Pitchfork-approved.

Justice vs. Kanye West - "Let There Be Love" / Soulwax vs. Kanye West - "Beethoven Lockdown"

Then there's this silly thing: I don't usually like the stuff I make after I make it, but I have to admit I'm a big fan of my Justice/Kanye combo. Unfortunately it never seems to work when I play it out, so I made a special version for Bootie that gets the Justice part out of the way, then tips its hat to A+D's now-classic "Beethoven's Fifth' Gold Digger," which is something I always like to do (see Decepta-taffy).

Kanye West vs. Green Day vs. Oasis - "Boulevard of Flashing Lights"

So much Kanye! But this time it's the music not the lyrics, and it's for another remix of my "hit." Because when you're on the back side of your career arc, that's what you do.

Mp3s (and cutesy covers) coming soon, I promise. Anyway, thanks to Devon for the indispensable assistance, as well as A+D for letting me do all this, Kristi for sewing those screens and then loaning me her iron to get the wrinkles out, and of course thanks to everybody who came out.


JANUARY 22, 2009
MoylesSexy people tip. My latest novelty mashup confection, "Single Ladies (In Mayberry)," continues to get some welcome publicity, although I'm starting to get a bit concerned about the technological abilities of the English. First up, BBC Radio 1 morning host Chris Moyles is rapidly becoming my biggest promoter, as the show played an excerpt of "Mayberry" Wednesday morning in between discussing our new President. They gently mocked me for always posting clips of the show when they talk up my tracks, but jeez, do they really think there's anything more interesting for me to talk about? "Today I made oatmeal." They cheekily suggested I put an "Approved by Chris Moyles" sticker on the Party Ben van, but unfortunately that's in the shop, so I'll just stick one up right here, why don't I.

Unfortunately, after the airing, I was immediately subjected to a barrage of e-mails from the UK, demanding to know where they could download the track. Ever heard of scrolling down, limeys? Kidding, I kid because I love. Okay, to make it up to you I'll post it again, right here, to make it simple.

Single LadiesBeyonce vs. the Andy Griffith Theme - "Single Ladies (In Mayberry)"

Video at right

Right-click to download:
6MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play audio:

Anyway, thanks again Mr. Moyles and crew, and how does it feel to be jealous of our awesome leader? Take that, Prime Minister Whosit. (Edit: Whoops, just saw this. Watch your mouth Moylesy, not all of us gay dudes wear dresses... although I guess I did just say "limeys" didn't I.)

"Single Ladies (In Mayberry)" also got some love from the Entertainment Weekly PopWatch blog today, which is kind of ironic since I totally steal story ideas from them for the Mother Jones all the time. With links, I promise.

NZFinally, I have a bit of a mystery I need some help in clearing up. Google Trends is showing that a vast majority of the interweb searches for "Party Ben" are coming from New Zealand, and I have no idea why. Am I on some Auckland radio station in between ads for Lord of the Rings? Did Flight of the Conchords cover one of my tracks? What's the deal? Any Kiwis with internet access and an ability to type, please respond!

Oh, and a couple people were like, "Why did you talk about and offer a cover for 'We Will Jump You' and then not post a link?" Duh, because of the brain not work good!

We Will Jump YouQueen vs. House of Pain vs. Go Home Productions -
"We Will Jump You"

Download: 3MB 128kbps mp3

Whew. Now it's back to making videos for my set this Saturday at Bootie which I hope to see every one of you out at, even if it requires an expensive international flight.


JANUARY 18, 2009
Maximum PCOr just be my Facebook fan. I don't know how they knew that, er, I'm a self-hating PC (saddled with Windows since my many years at all-PC LIVE 105) Max PCbut computer mag Maximum PC has offered my goofy tracks up as an example of "inspiration" in an article on creating your own mashups in their February 2009 issue. (Thanks Shawn who e-mailed me and let me know). They apparently like Version 2 better than Version 1 of good old "Boulevard" (Eminem is so 2005, I guess), and get a "smile" from "Single Ladies (In Mayberry)," which is nice. Plus they put me in a box with Go Home Productions and DJ Zebra, my inspiration and my French, er, maison-garcon, respectively, which is also nice. What's more nicerer is that their article will hopefully provide a helpful alternative for people who e-mail me all the time asking how I make these silly bootlegs and aren't satisfied with my brief explanation on the Info page. Finally, some peace and quiet!

BootieBut really, audio-only mashups are so, like, 2007. So if you've found that my DJ sets at our local bootleg haven Bootie have been entertaining for your ears but rather dull on the eyes (I don't jump around very much), why not come out this Saturday January 24 for my 3rd annual headline set at our little club, which for the second year will be a live video set. Which means: stuff to look at! I'll of course be featuring some oldies but goodies as well as some brand new tracks, plus some oldies but goodies made (hopefully) more enjoyable by mucking about with them in a remix style. FacebookI'm still in the midst of creating new tracks and corresponding videos, but I've finished one entertaining little item, a remix of "Boulevard of Broken Songs" using Kanye West's hypnotic "Flashing Lights." DJ Earworm tipped me off to Facbook's higher-quality video system, so if you want to watch it, go over to my Facebook page. I won't make you promise to come out on Saturday, but you can at least be my Facebook fan or whatever.

Kanye West vs. Green Day vs. Oasis - "Boulevard of Flashing Lights"
Video at Facebook

Hope to see you Saturday night!


JANUARY 7, 2009
Boing BoingOther than the West Elm catalog. Well, the first week of 2009 is already going way better than the last week of 2008, if by "better" one means "more attention from the interblogs." And what else could one mean? Noted online compendium of items of interest Boing Boing has covered the annual release of the "Best of Bootie" for the last couple years, but this year, mashup correspondent Cory Doctorow decided to focus entirely on my "gloriously stupid" novelty track, "Single Ladies (In Mayberry)." Thanks Mr. Boing! I would of course like to point out that there are quite a few other tracks featured on this year's compilation (put together by Adrian & Mysterious D) which are a tad more serious and more deserving of one's attention, so please go check them out. I was just telling DJ BC today that I'm like the William Shatner of mashups, in the late-career everyone-thinks-I'm-a-joke-so-I-might-as-well-be-in-on-it phase, but hey, it's nice to be invited to the parties.

So, Boingers, if you're looking for the mp3 and you're all confused, here it is again along with the video.

Single LadiesBeyonce vs. the Andy Griffith Theme - "Single Ladies (In Mayberry)"

Right-click to download:
6MB 256kbps mp3

Click to play:

MailbagAnyway, now it's time for a new segment here on Party Ben Information Systems we can't decide whether to call "Party Ben Post Office" or "Party Ben's Mashup Mailbag" or "Dear Strongbad." Suffice it to say that we receive a variety of fascinating correspondence here at PBIS HQ, and we thought it might make everyone's life a little easier if we answered some of the letters right here. Who's first Jim?

Hey, i love all your remix,a nd have every single sixx mixx in mp3 form on my computer (some nice person put up a torrent of them awhile back). I've shown your mix's too a lot of people up here in canada, and almost all of us enjoy them. I was wondering, in the star wars mixx, there's the mash-up "Elastica vs. Sean Paul "Temperature Connection"" I can't seem to find the seperate song for that one. It's in the big long mixx, but do you have it seperated from the rest? I just want that one song to listen too by itself sometimes, without having to find it in the big mixx.
- canadasurferboy@****.com

Thanks for the props (and for spelling "mixx" correctly) but honestly, I already knew that almost all of Canada enjoys me. Thankfully, unlike many Americans, I find your flappy heads and beady little eyes amusing, not disturbing or terrifying. As regards the specific mashup you speak of, oh yeah, that was a fun little dittie, wasn't it, and I totally forgot to put that out. Here you go:

Temperature ConnectionElastica vs. Sean Paul - "Temperature Connection"

Right-click to download! 5MB 256kbps mp3
Click to play:

Later, A+D did a superior (and hipper) Elastica-mashing track with The Gossip, but I got there first, by gum.

I was wondering if it was possible to purchase a Party Ben logo t-shirt.  My friend is a huge fan and his name just happens to be Ben. - Gina, St. Cloud State

Not a bad idea, but unfortunately, Party Ben Information Systems has never been very good at monetizing our notoriety. If you're wondering, we continue to operate by siphoning off donations from the SPCA next door and then investing them in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. I know Frienemy made some awesome Party Ben buttons and was handing them out at the Bootie New Year extravaganza, so maybe if we're real nice to him he'll make a CafePress page for us?

Dean Grayyour mash ups are hella sick!!! so, i've been looking for novocaine rhapsody for a really long time,  and aaron axelson of live105 directed me to your link.  but, i can't find it on your website.  do you have a copy of the mp3 somewhere?
- cookiebongster@****.com

Who of where? What one oh what now? Is that a blog or something? Anyway, boy howdy, good old American Edit. That was four years ago! Too bad we got a cease and desist order or I'd be able to give you a link to a web site that appears to have all the mp3s available to download.

i search a website with booties single tracks or albums. have you a tip? - bide@****.com

No, no I don't.

We Will Jump YouDude, I love your stuff! I made this cover for my Zune of We Will Jump You and I just wanted to send it to you as a way of paying my respects to you and your work. I check your site constantly for new stuff and you never disappoint. Well, rarely at least. Just playing. - Some Guy Named Jeremy

Thanks, Some Guy! I didn't ever make a cover for that one, did I. Yours'll do just fine, although I have to say I wish you'd have put my name over Freddie Mercury so it looked like I was him. Sigh. If only I were Freddie Mercury. He really seemed to relish in the love and adoration from the crowd which is something I totally admire and envy. Anyway, anyone who wants to have a cover for their Zunes (!!!), you can click on the picture at left for a larger version.

This has been fun. If you have a question for Party Ben Information Systems, please drop a line to, 3000 W Alameda Avenue, Burbank California. No wait, just the e-mail will work. Or go over to the contact page if you're even lazier.


JANUARY 3, 2009
Somebody's got to keep track of the past. Welcome to 2009 everybody! Actually, I shouldn't say "welcome" since clearly I'm about 6 months behind the rest of the world. First of all, while some of you may have already seen my top 20 albums and singles on The Riff back in mid-December, I've continued with my tradition of posting the "full" lists over on my Top 10s page, where you can also see my "Best Ofs" going all the way back to '97. It's reassuring to know I've been a total nerd for at least 12 years, isn't it?

Also, I made something new this week, although "new" is kind of a misnomer, since the source material is already super-duper-passe. And the last thing the world needs is another Reckoner mix, since there are already 10,000 of those over here. But that's the way I work, dammit: redundant and late.

My ReckonerJustin Timberlake vs. Radiohead - "(All I Want You to Do is Be) My Reckoner"

Original mix:
Right-click to download! 7MB 256kbps mp3
Click to play:

Right-click to download! 12MB 256kbps mp3
Click to play:

So I hear "My Love" out and about, and I realize, "holy crap, this is Reckoner, complete with falsetto croonery." Then I waste a few days putting it together, and then I realize the Oakenfold mix is actually really good and deserves its own version. Fun.

Finally, thanks to those who made it out to the Bootie New Year's Eve extravaganza. Unfortunately there was a bit of a fire marshall incident that prevented a few people from getting in; we of course apologize for the trouble, although it's really the fault of Mr. Fire Pants who apparently didn't get his "donation" so he had to hassle us. Whatever. If you didn't brave the crowds on New Year's Eve, please come out and see me doing my 3rd annual DNA Lounge headline set at Bootie, coming up on January 24. At this point I don't have a silly theme (like, um, Star Wars or robots or anything) but I'll definitely be doing another exciting all-video set. So bring your eyeballs!